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2014-2015 Instructional Materials Adoption

The 2014-2015 Instructional Materials adoption for the Citrus County School District will include the following subjects:

K-12 World Languages Spanish and French
6-12 Career and Technical Education Agriculture
9-12 Health / Physical Education
6-12 English for Speakers of Other Languages
K-5 Music (CCSB)

(on state list for approval)  indicates the instructional materials was submitted by publisher to Department of Education for the approval.


Music K-5

Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music
Quaver Music, 2015     Web-based
(For our 11 elementary schools.)

Health and Personal Fitness 9-12

Health 9-12

Florida Glencoe Health Student Edition without Human Sexuality 5 yr package (Print & Digital) (on state list for approval)
McGraw-Hill School Education, LLC / Glencoe
c2015.  Mary H. Bronson, Author


World Languages 6-12

Spanish 6-8

Vista Higher Learning     
Descubre 1A 1B  (on state list for approval)
Authors: Jose A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley
Copyright: 2014/2nd(Print and Internet Based)

Spanish 9-12

Vista High Learning
Spanish 1             Descubre 1, 2014    (on state list for approval)
Spanish 2             Descubre 2, 2014    (on state list for approval)
Spanish 3             Descubre 3, 2014  (on state list for approval)
Spanish 4             Imagina, 2014   (on state list for approval)

French 9-12

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Holt McDougal
Discovering French 1 and 2

Career and Technical Education / Agriculture 6-12

Agriscience 6-8                

Cengage Learning
Exploring Agriscience   (on state list for approval)
Herren, 2011, 4th ed.
Print and Internet Based.

Agriscience 9-12

Cengage Learning
Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications  (on state list for approval)
Burton 2015, 6th ed., 9–12